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Established in 1997 with some of the only full time Romans in Britain, we offer a unique and exciting service throughout the year. Using authentic clothing and equipment, we brave the climate to bring you an informative, educational and interactive experience suitable for any group or age range.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our presentations, basing our equipment from historical finds so that our presentations are correct, relevant and most of all, fun!

With events running through the year our award winning service can cater for any request from Kids Army Boot Camps to Corporate Team Building events. 

We regularly visit schools across the UK and bring education on Roman Britain to you. Should you visit Chester we also provide guided tours of the largest Roman fortress in the UK for all ages and groups. We can also provide Roman characters for corporate promotions or to add to your own event.

We have our own re-enactment display team Deva Victrix and can provide gladiatorial battles, displays of military manoeuvres and how the Roman war machine worked and was so successful in forming the Roman Empire. We can also show how a basic Roman camp would have worked and the demands of life on the march, with details of roman medicine.

If none of the above is what you are looking for then feel free to contact us and we can arrange an event tailored to your requirements.


Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2017

All staff carry full and enhanced CRB checks. Our service is fully risk-assessed and insured

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