ULTIMA INTRA PUGNA PRIMA INTRA TABERNA (Last into battle first into the pub)

Established in 2003, this is a team of committed enthusiasts, brought together by Roman Tours Ltd to provide Chester (Deva) with its very own Roman display team.

Our primary function was to parade through the streets of Chester (Deva) during the summer as a tourist attraction. Reaching the Chester Cross, we present a visual and verbal portrayal of life at Chester (Deva) nearly 2,000 years ago.

To depict an accurate representation of life within a fortress, we follow the religious calendar of the time and make events of these:

  • In springtime we celebrate the standards of the legion leaving the Temple of Mars
  • In summer we celebrate the many festivals and traditions of Roman life, continuing on this theme from May to October
  • We then complete the year with our torchlight Christmas parade (Saturnalia)

We also have the unique advantage of having a shrine to Minerva, one of the Roman Goddesses just outside the city walls, adding an authentic religious site to our recreated ceremony.

The Deva Victrix is open for anyone of suitable age to join. Younger people can join with their families. The group has a unique structure of democratic autocracy and has a membership mandate that allows people to attend as often as they like or are able: be that once a year or at every appearance you will always be welcome.

This year and in the past, we have received invitations to attend many events, from promoting Chester (Deva) and Britain as a tourist destination, to providing external Roman encampments to show of the day-to-day life of 1st century soldiers - including marching through Rome.

We are as a group dedicated to pushing the boundaries of our knowledge of the Roman period. We aim to achieve this by undertaking a number of activities not always for public display such as:

  • Weekend authentic camps
  • Exploring all aspects of late 1st century Chester (Deva)
  • Full contact combat drill and sparring
  • Route marches carrying full equipment
  • Drinking and gambling at the camp fire and having fun

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2017

All staff carry full and enhanced CRB checks. Our service is fully risk-assessed and insured

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